It’s Already Begun….

The various mouthpieces of the FPA are already firing their salvos at the presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.  Back in April, Hilary Rosen derided Ann Romney’s suitability to have an opinion about women and the economy, and her condescending snark was echoed by the likes of NOW and pseudo-comedian Bill Maher.  Remarks soon followed about Ann Romney’s $990 sweater, while Michelle Obama’s Wes Gordon attire draws rave reviews (with no mention of its price–do a search for “buy Wes Gordon” to see how much his clothing retails for).

Then they progressed to Romney’s childhood, with a breathless front page narrative in the Washington Post about an incident of bullying that turned out was based on unsubstantiated rumor and hearsay rather than eyewitness testimony.  The Post even went so far as to imply that Romney’s alleged bullying of his classmate was the reason the latter began smoking, which consequently brought about his expulsion from the prep school and caused the man’s death from lung cancer in 2003.  Really.

Meanwhile, to point out that Obama himself had bullied other children is cause to scream and threaten arrest.  To point out that Obama is, as an adult and President of the United States, bullying private citizens who have donated to his rival is not worthy of the mainstream media’s concern (extra credit: do a search for “Romney bullying” on any of the six sites I just linked).

Now, the inevitable attacks on the Mormon religion have begun with Washington Post’s account of the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857, making sure to point out that Romney is, in fact, Mormon.  The implication of this line of attack is clear: Romney is somehow responsible for a horrible event that took place over 150 years ago because he still publicly identifies as Mormon.  The author of this article shows her astonishment, masked in faux-concern, that a Mormon could have any support among the people of Arkansas:

There aren’t many places in America more likely to be suspicious of Mormonism — and potentially more problematic for Mitt Romney, who is seeking to become the country’s first Mormon president. Not only do many here retain a personal antipathy toward the religion and its followers, but they also tend to be Christian evangelicals, many of whom view Mormonism as a cult.

And yet, there is scant evidence that Romney’s religion is making much difference in how voters here are thinking about the presidential election and whether they are willing to back the former Massachusetts governor.

To bring up Obama’s 20+ year relationship with Jeremiah Wright, he of “G-d d-mn America” from the pulpit fame?  Well, that’s indicative of a “hatefest” and a “smear campaign” and “race-baiting” according to CNN’s Donna Brazile.

This is the tip of the iceberg, and it’s only going to get worse as November approaches.  If there’s anything remotely controversial about Romney’s sons or his grandchildren, the FPA will make sure everybody knows about it.  If there’s any way a prominent Romney donor or supporter can be made to look bad, the FPA will do it.  After all, Obama is the FPA’s President, a perma-victim who thrives on class/race/gender warfare, who modifies his background to solidify his coveted “victim” credentials, and whose short-comings and mistakes and failures are never, ever his fault, but always someone else’s.

Update: Oh for heaven’s sakes!  Hey everyone!  Did you know that Ann Romney rides dressage?  That costs money, so she must be an elitist or something!  After all, it’s not like riding horses competitively can be good for anything worthwhile!  Oh wait…


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