Now that Mitt Romney is the de facto GOP Nominee…

…We can expect a whole lot more nastiness and stupidity from the Fellowship of the Perpetually Aggrieved and their mouthpieces in the MSM, eager to protect their man.  Here are my predictions:

  1. We will continue to see media hit-jobs about the Mormon religion, making sure that Romney’s name is featured prominently in the headline and/or the top paragraph.  Discussion of Obama’s tenure in Rev. Wright’s church and his Islamist sympathies will continue to be verboten.
  2. Someone, somewhere, will dig up something less-than-flattering about one or more of  Romney’s adult children, and the MSM will run multiple segments about how that reflects poorly on the Romneys as parents.  Meanwhile, parentless excursions (but under the supervision of the Secret Service, make of that what you will) by the Obama daughters like the 13-year-old’s Spring Break trip to Oaxaca will be buried the moment that they’re reported, no probing questions about the Obamas parenting asked.
  3. The media will continue to feature “prominent Romney supporters” like Donald Trump, portraying them in the most ridiculous light, all the while ignoring Obama supporters like, oh I don’t know, domestic terrorist benefactors Barbara Streisand and George Soros.
  4. If one of Romney’s supporters/donors/aides/mailmen makes a potentially inflammatory or downright stupid statement (taking otherwise innocuous statements out of context and/or selectively editing them totally counts), the media will ask Romney politely-loaded questions about them.  The purpose, of course, is to get him to waste his time apologizing for said statements instead of focusing on “less important” subjects, like the economy.
  5. Romney’s running mate, whomever it may be, will have his/her life run through with a fine-toothed comb, along with the lives of his/her family, friends, business associates, employees, etc.  Any skeletons, real or feigned, will be magnified and paraded around to the self-righteous tut-tutting of liberal pundits (“Today on Hardball, a gay man whom Romney’s running mate’s dog may have barked at back in 1997!  Does this prove that Romney’s running mate is training his dogs to be homophobic?”).  Meanwhile, Joe Biden will continue to be free to say asinine, insulting things with impunity.
  6. If there are any sealed records left in Romney’s past, official business or otherwise, they will magically be leaked to the press–as has been done before to other Republicans–if it can be used for Democrat political gain (“He got a ‘Needs Improvement’ in finger painting?  Oh noes!  He must be stupid !”).  Furthermore, unless it can be used against Romney, the media will continue to be unconcerned with the content of Obama’s past.
  7. There will continue to be petty, malicious snark about Ann Romney, while Michelle Obama’s foibles will continue to go unnoticed by the MSM.
  8. The media will continue to hold a virtual embargo on: Fast and Furious, the real unemployment numbers (or, if you prefer, the “funemployment” numbers), the increasing gas prices, the failure of Solyndra and other pseudo-green-energy-stimulus-recipients, the missing $1.2 billion by Obama bundler and former NJ governor Jon Corzine, the clear benefits that Walker’s anti-union reforms have had for Wisconsin’s economy, the continued plight of women in the Middle East (because unsubsidized contraception/abortion in the U.S. = it’s a GOP War on Women!1!11!!), and so forth.  However, if a Massachusetts liberal lost his/her job during Romney’s governance, cue the spotlights and “heart-breaking” exposés.
  9. As Romney’s poll numbers against Obama continue to improve (despite the use of samples that are weighted in favor of Democrats, sometimes to a ridiculous degree), the Obama campaign and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will get increasingly desperate and incoherent.  They will trot out somber-faced conservatives who will try to dispirit the base by saying the Romney isn’t conservative enough.  They will bring out moderates who will try to scare independents by saying Romney is a right-wing-extremist.  They will focus relentlessly on Romney, Romney, Romney, with nary a peep that is critical of Obama.

Maybe you think I’m over-reacting.  Maybe you think I’m being unfair.  All I can really say is this:  I watched the coverage in 2004, when the media resorted to fabricating stories to smear President Bush’s record as an aviator in the National Guard, all the while pronouncing Kerry’s dubious war record as sacrosanct.  I watched the coverage in 2008, when former-media-darling-maverick McCain became all things ignoble and craven and outdated compared to the Light of the One.  I watched as Sarah Palin’s life was taken apart under the microscope and filthy, horrendous comments about her and her family, even her baby, were shouted from the rooftops.  Nowadays, Palin’s e-mails are still being scrutinized, but the media has suddenly remembered just how honorable McCain’s campaign was in 2008, and only now has seen fit to give him the credit he was due for being the gentleman that Obama was not, indeed has never been.

Why do they do this?  Because it all comes down to what the Fellowship of the Perpetually Aggrieved wants: they want Romney to lose, which means they don’t want him to remind voters just how bad the economy has become under Obama’s pseudo-leadership; they don’t want him to remind voters just how badly Obama has bungled our foreign policy; they don’t want him to appear as a viable candidate who just might calm some of the divisions that Obama has worked so hard to agitate.

For the FPA, power and survival are of utmost importance, for one cannot continue to benefit from class/gender/racial warfare if that war ceases to exist.  Would President Romney end it?  Probably not, but I am willing to bet that a President Romney will not be as adept at perpetuating (or as willing to perpetuate) that warfare as President Obama has been.


About phxkate

Mother of four, wife of one, chronicler of the Fellowship of the Perpetually Aggrieved, of which I am pleased to say, I am not a member.
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