….Janet Napolitano has resigned as DHS head in favor of a quieter life in the realm of California academia. However, I think she’s doing what Hillary Clinton did a few months ago: distancing herself from the present administration so that she will not be tainted by association come 2016. Furthermore, I think she will end up being on the Democratic ticket as Hillary’s running mate. Here’s why I think this:

  1.  Obama fatigue has set in, and it will only get worse–this is inevitable given his being in office for two terms; the electorate will want something different in 2016, which is why Clinton and Napolitano are bowing out now and (temporarily) fading from the public eye, which has the general attention span of a spastic kitten and the memory-span only slightly longer than that of a goldfish.
  2. The unfortunate state of politics is such that tribalism rules, meaning the one who can unite the most identity groups among the low-information voters (since those who take the time to be informed will usually vote accordingly) will win. A Clinton/Napolitano ticket has a decent chance at doing this:
    • The ghouls and harridans at NARAL and NOW will be beyond ecstatic that a viable two-woman ticket will be on the electoral menu (Republican women don’t count as they lack the “correct” views). This has not happened before in our history, and now that the first black President has been elected, the time has come, they will shriek, for a woman in the Oval Office. Women (and men who wish to be seen as enlightened) will rejoice and flock to the voting booth.
    • The black community has been a nearly solid voting bloc for the Democrats for decades, and that will not change any time soon. Same goes for the gay community, the Occupy-type hipster youth, and the environmentalist acolytes of Al Gore.
    • Pro-amnesty Hispanics are another solid voting bloc for the Democrats, and Napolitano being former governor of Arizona might translate into more votes from the southwest. Speaking of which….
  3. There was a brief attempt in 2012 to flip Arizona, and I think that attempt will be repeated in 2016, especially if the Democrats gain a victory on the immigration front. Here’s something else that I’m sure Hillary Clinton has (or will) consider: there are a lot of Libertarians in Arizona as well as disaffected Republicans. Depending on what the Republican ticket looks like in 2016, a Clinton/Napolitano ticket has a good to very good chance of capitalizing on that schism to win a plurality of votes, especially if they quietly encourage the Libertarians to vote for a third party candidate (it won’t be Ron Paul, so they’ll have to find someone else) or stay home. This is what happened in my district–the Libertarian candidate took just enough votes that would have gone to the Republican candidate so that the ultra-left Kyrsten Sinema ended up winning. At the very least, a Clinton/Napolitano ticket could divert GOP attention/money into keeping Arizona red, leaving purple states more vulnerable.

Usually, the opposition party has a really good chance of coming into power after a two-term President leaves office, but it’s very questionable this time, especially given the tendency among the GOP elite to spit on the Tea Party and those Republicans of libertarian persuasion (small “l”, not to be confused with the Ron Paulians) these days. The usual suspects in the media will promote Clinton talking points, build up their preferred RINO candidate during the primary (Chris Christie, most likely) in order to tear him down in the general, and otherwise do whatever water-carrying/dirty-trickstering the Clintons want done, thus helping to cement the low-information cabal, who will blithely return to their soma of choice and their endless pursuit of bread and circuses, until they are summoned to be the tools of the cynical political class once again.


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Mother of four, wife of one, chronicler of the Fellowship of the Perpetually Aggrieved, of which I am pleased to say, I am not a member.
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